Meet the Chef

Thurayyah Jacobs

Thurayyah's journey as a young girl, observing her mother prepare delectable and nutritious meals, has profoundly influenced her fervor for cooking. She acquired self-assurance in her own abilities and embarked on experimenting with homemade desserts and crafting dinner. As her knowledge expanded, her passion for the culinary arts intensified. Thurayyah began creating recipes for her family and friends, and her talent quickly gained recognition.  Independently delving into the intricacies of fare, she honed her skills and devised delicious cuisines. Infused with unwavering dedication, boundless creativity, and above all, love, she meticulously crafted recipes that brought people together. Witnessing the smiles and contentment that her culinary creations brought forth fills Thurayyah with immense gratification, as she firmly believes in the unifying power of food.