Specialty station displays: $200 and up service fee

Seafood display

*market price

Assorted fresh fruit display

Available on table display, cups, or  kebobs

Charcuterie Board display

Available on table display, cups, or kebobs

$7.50 per person  (not including the service fee)

Appetizer display

Cocktail display

Champagne Wall: $125 rental

Take your cocktail and mocktail game to the next level and wow your guests.

Dessert display

Option 1: Assorted cake slices, cookies and brownies

Option 2: Mini strawberry shortcake parfaits, banana pudding parfaits, brownie parfaits, oreo cookie parfaits

Option 3: Candy factory

Option 4: Chocolate fountain (+ additional fee)

Please complete the catering form for pricing information.

Thank you for your business!